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COVID-19 Guidance and Risk Assessment

In order to comply with the Government's COVID-19 Guidance, we have developed the

following Covid-19 Guidance 9 Point Plan as outlined below. A copy of the plan is also

sent to guests along with their booking confirmation email.

Note, this information may be subject to change, in accordance with future Government Directives.

More information on COVID-19 can be found on the official government website 

We hope this information will be informative, offers reassurance and enables you to have a relaxing stay at The Churchill House.


1.  Guest Arrival
  1. All guests must give notice of an approximate 1-hour arrival time slot before the date of check-in. If delayed please call (Alex) 07961 771774

  2. Check-in time is between 4 pm - 10 pm. (Please note, we are generally not home during the afternoons)

  3. We will attempt to maintain at least a half-hour time delay between individual guest arrival times. 

  4. On arrival, please ring the intercom bell or phone 07961 771774, then wait outside the front door.

  5. Guests are met at the front door and upon entering the property required to use a face covering and sanitise their hands.

  6. It is important that Social Distancing is maintained so please do not congregate in the lobby area and any overlapping arrivals will be advised to queue outside, following socially distancing guidelines or wait in their cars.

  7. All Guests are responsible for moving and handling their own luggage. No staff or other guests are permitted to handle luggage at any time. 

  8. Guest registration forms are completed via an online link which is sent to guests prior to arrival to speed up the check-in process. The registration form can also be completed on arrival using the house tablet computer if necessary.

2.  Payments 
  1. To ensure Check-Out is timely and observes social distancing, invoices will be available for pre-arrival settlement or payments taken on arrival/check-in with card (preferred) or cash.

  2. Card payments can be completed avoiding contact with a card machine through NFC technology (Apple/Google Pay) or via an sms message sent to the customer's mobile phone upon request.  

  3. Advance payments can be made via bank transfer upon request (UK only).

3.  Guest Departure 
  1. Guests are requested to give an approximate time of departure the day or evening before their departure day. 

  2. Room keys are to be left inside the room and the bedroom door closed.

  3. If guests wish to store luggage for the day please ask Alex during your stay.

4.  Breakfast (Excludes the self-catering 'Sarah' Apartment)
  1. Due to the location and layout of our breakfast room, it is not possible to practice the required social distancing guidelines and therefore we are not hosting a breakfast service in this area.

  2. With prior notification, breakfast trays can be brought directly to the guest's room at an arranged time slot between 8 am and 10 am.

  3. Guests are required to order their breakfast from an online menu form by 9 pm the night prior to breakfast being taken. 

  4. Breakfast trays will be left on a table outside the guest's room and guests notified by knocking on the door.

  5. When finished the trays are to be left in the room for the housekeeper to clear.

5.  Room Service 
  1. No members of staff can enter a guest room whilst a guest is present in the room. Guests must leave the room for any staff member to attend. 

  2. Room service is now limited to refreshing of hospitality trays, bin emptying and bathroom sanitising upon request.

  3. Hospitality tray items are kept to a minimum, with refills available upon request.

  4. If you require towel changes mid-stay (usually only where more than three days), please notify staff and fresh towels will be provided in a plastic bag. Used towels should be placed in the plastic bag and returned to the staff member or left in the room until the next service/departure.

  5. Stays exceeding 3 nights will have all bedding replaced and the room deep cleaned every 4th day.

6.  Room Cleaning
  1. We continue to maintain our high standards of hygiene in bedrooms and en-suite facilities using appropriate anti-bacterial cleaning products.

  2. Bedding and towels are professionally laundered to a high commercial standard.

  3. Bathrobes, Hairdryers and extra blankets have been removed from the rooms as standard and are now available upon request.

  4. All bathroom toiletries are replaced for each new guest's arrival.

  5. Following departure all hospitality trays are sanitised and all contents are replaced.

  6. Soft furnishings such as cushions and throws will be minimised and shall be steam cleaned, washed and/or sanitised prior to each new arrival.

  7. Following departure, all rooms will be thoroughly ventilated and undergo an enhanced and meticulous cleaning protocol.

  8. Booked rooms are now left vacant 24 hours before and after a stay to allow for proper ventilation and sanitising protocols.

7.  Hand & General Hygiene at The Churchill House
  1. Sanitising stations equipped with hand sanitiser gel, antibacterial Dettol spray for sanitising shoe soles are located in the ground floor lobby and by the rear car park entrance.

  2. Face masks are legally required to be worn when in public areas, unless a guest has a medical predisposition.  Masks and Hand Sanitiser Gel bottles are available to purchase for £1.00 each if necessary.

  3. All door handles, light switches, doorbell, stair rails and hard surfaces in common areas will be sanitised on a regular basis using appropriate disinfection/anti-bacterial cleaning products.

  4. All staff to wash hands as regularly as possible for at least 20 seconds and wear the necessary PPE while attending to guests, preparing breakfasts and during cleaning duties.

8.  Social Distancing
  1. The reception room shall not be in use as guests are greeted at the front door and then shown directly to their rooms where all check-in procedures are carried out.

  2. Guests are advised and requested to maintain a 1+ meter social distance at all times inside the house by either using the spacious landing areas or returning to their own room if stairs or hallways are in use by another guest. 

  3. In outdoor areas such as the car park, garden decking and smoking area, guests are requested to maintain a 2-meter social distance if another guest is in the area at the same time. 

9.  Guests Suspected of Coronavirus During their Stay

Any guests who believe they have symptoms of the COVID-19 virus prior to arrival at The Churchill House, should contact us with a view to cancelling or amending their reservation and follow the UK Government COVID-19 Guidance.

If a guest presents themselves with symptoms of COVID-19 or is asymptomatic but declares the need to self-isolate, the guest will be advised to check out and return home to self-isolate according to current UK Government guidance. If the guest shows acute symptoms, has breathing difficulties or their life is at potential risk, seek medical help immediately. 

Where a guest is UNABLE to check out, then the following guidelines must be followed: 

  1. The guest must stay in their room and not visit any public spaces.

  2. Arrangements should be made for meals / food to be provided to the room as per protocols previously stated or use of local food delivery services. Food should be served with disposable plates and cutlery, nothing to be returned to the kitchen. 

  3. Arrangements should be made to ensure the guests are able to make requests for service or assistance remotely (e.g. via telephone or text). 

  4. No cleaning or housekeeping services during the stay. Any room amenities to be left at the door. 

  5. Provide large rubbish bags for disposal of guest rubbish. Guests should be informed to keep the rubbish bags in the room (not placed in corridor) until a coordinated time for pick-up is arranged. 

  6. Guests should limit outside visitors to their guest room to medical personnel only. 

  7. Guests should contact staff prior to check out & departure to provide an update on their condition.

  8. If the fire alarm sounds, normal evacuation procedures should be followed, but the guest is to be isolated from other guests at the assembly point.

  9. Where a guest's stay is extended beyond original booking, guests will be required to cover the cost of all additional nights stayed plus any costs incurred by The Churchill Guest House to relocate any other guests. 


Bedrooms after a suspected contamination - DO NOT allow anyone to enter the room for 72 hours to significantly reduce the risk of the virus surviving on surfaces.

We hope the above information is useful, the measures in place are easy to follow/ not too intrusive and do not detract from your experience at The Churchill House.

We would welcome any feedback or ideas that you may have with regards to this policy.

Kind Regards,

Alex Dimech & family

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