Booking Terms & Conditions

Booking Confirmations

Bookings are made secure only once a confirmation email has been issued or verbally confirmed via telephone. Until this time the accommodation may remain available to other enquires and bookings.

Booking Security

For bookings made through our website's own booking system the customer is required to provide credit/debit card details as a form of booking security.  


These details will be securely stored and encrypted until 48 hours after the booked stay is complete whereby no payment is taken in advance and the card details only used in the event of a late cancellation, no-show, or damage to the property (see Conduct & Damages) including smoking violations.

If it is not possible to provide card details then we may request an alternative form of booking security such as a deposit payment. Please contact us with your enquiry.

For long stay bookings we may in addition request a non-refundable deposit to secure the reservation.


All quoted prices are for the room with normal occupancy based on a one-night stay, unless stated otherwise.

Breakfasts & self-catering facilities are offered as an optional extra. Cooked breakfasts are priced at £10 per person and can be added to a reservation the day before breakfast is taken.

The Sarah Apartment is let as self-catering only.  For 1-night stays, a simple continental breakfast is provided in the apartment free of charge.


Outstanding payments are to be settled at check-in or soon after.  We accept cash sterling (£) or Euros (€), as well as NFC payments and all major credit/debit cards (excluding Solo).  Advance payments, including deposits, may be made with a credit/debit card over the telephone, via a mobile secure payment link, or alternatively via a bank transfer with all fees covered by the payer when applicable. 

Cancellations & Refunds

Once you have booked your stay, our agreement forms a legally binding contract.  If for whatever reason, you cancel your stay, or a reservation is not completed due to a guests failure to meet the booking agreement, you will be liable to pay the full rate of the booked stay under the following provisos:


  • Bookings of 1 - 2 rooms and 1 - 2 nights if cancelled within 48 hours from 12 pm on the day of the booked stay.


  • Bookings of 1 - 2 rooms for 3 - 5 nights if cancelled within 7 days from the date of the booked stay.  Booked dates considered beyond the 7 days cancellation notice period will not be charged, neither will any dates that we are able to resell the booked accommodation, providing all other rooms of similar occupancy are also sold/unavailable.


  • Bookings of multiple rooms and/or more than 5 nights the cancellation period may vary and so will be made known upon booking enquiry.

When a confirmed booking that has a minimum stay period restriction is partly cancelled, regardless of the date of cancellation (see above), and no longer meets the minimum stay requirement we reserve the right to cancel the full booking or alternatively you will be charged for any cancelled days to meet the minimum stay requirement, except on days which we are able to resell the accommodation. 


Your booking would only be cancelled by us if your accommodation was unavailable for reasons beyond our control. In this instance we would attempt to offer you alternative accommodation, however, if this was not possible, or unacceptable to you, then we would refund all monies paid by you.  Our liability would not extend beyond this refund.


Conduct & Damages

Please respect the property, along with all contents, as well as our staff and other guests during your stay.

We reserve the right to evict any person or group of persons deemed to have caused damage to property, nuisance, danger or abuse to any other guest or member of staff. In this regard you will be liable for the full cost of your stay.

Upon departure, guests are required to leave the room in tidy condition. When it is deemed that the room or property and its contents have been left unreasonably messy the guest will be charged an additional £25 cleaning fee.

We are sure that you will take care whilst you stay with us, and we acknowledge that accidents sometimes happen. We do however reserve the right to charge for any damage or breakages which we consider to be deliberately or recklessly caused, for any items discovered missing after you depart or for the cost of the room for any time period for which it is considered unusable due to damage. We do not normally charge for minor breakages, but we would invoice you for any repair or making good if the damage or breakage is significant.

During check-in we may request a customer's card details to be held and stored securely until the end of the booked stay and once an inspection of the room has been carried out. 

Smoking Policy

We are a strictly NO SMOKING property.  Please smoke in the designated area provided in the car park at the rear of the house or outside and away from the property. Please dispose of cigarette ends/ash safely in external bins & please DO NOT bring the cigarette remains back into your room for disposal as this makes our lovely rooms smell of smoke. Guests believed to have been smoking in rooms may be charged £150 for cleaning AND the cost of the room while it is deemed non-lettable. 


We do not accept any liability for any damage, loss or injury to any member of your party or any vehicles or possessions, unless proven to be caused by a negligent act by ourselves or our employees or contractors whilst acting in the course of employment.

Privacy Policy

To read our full GDPR Policy and Data Protection please follow this link: 

Churchill Guest House Privacy Policy